Pests We Treat - Bed Bugs invade beautiful home in Island Heights, NJ

What's one the most important tool in our arsenal of bedbug treatments? The vacuum! Don't be so surprised, it works wonders.

One of our scheduled treatments had us going to Island Heights to treat a home for bedbug activity. One of our thorough inspectors had found bed bug activity on a couch in a beautiful home overlooking the water. The client was so shocked that such a clean home could have bedbugs! We assured her that bedbugs are not overly concerned with cleanliness, they simply want a blood meal.  

We were led to the living room where the activity was found. Our first order of business was to get the vacuum plugged in and ready to go before we even started inspecting. We've found that it's always best to have all of our tools ready to go before we even begin working just in case we uncover some activity that needs to be treated immediately. 

As soon as we began our inspection we quickly found bedbug activity in several seams on the top, bottom and inside of the couch. Chris Morgan, one of highly trained bedbug technicians, immediately got to work with the vacuum. By vacuuming the live activity into a HEPA vacuum we're instantly eliminating the problem. A bedbug in the vacuum ensures that they won't be breeding in the couch anymore. Once all of the seams were vacuumed we followed up with a light chemical application to all the seams.  

Of course we scheduled a 2 week follow up to inspect and treat again as needed. The client was happy with the work done as well as Chris and myself for the job we did.