Pests We Treat - Pavement Ants in Allenhurst, NJ

This video shows active pavement ants trailing from the backyard into the customer’s kitchen in Allenhurst, NJ. I initially asked the homeowner where she was seeing the ants so I would have a better idea where the ants were entering the home.

I treated the baseboards in the kitchen and then began my lap around the house to search for the trailing ants. Right outside the kitchen I saw one or two pavement ants. I followed these ants until I saw others heading right alongside them in the opposite direction.

This side by side train is an indicator of the trail leading back to the colony. The ants heading towards the home are heading to get food for the colony and the ants heading back towards the best are bringing things back that the colony needs. I dropped gel bait in the middle of the trail and the ants took to it nicely. This product is a slow acting chemical. Once it diffuses through the colony and reaches the queen, the ant issue will be resolved.