Pests We Treat - Pavement Ants invade home in Franklin Park, NJ

I responded to a call in Franklin Park from a homeowner very upset about ant activity in her home. She kept her house meticulously clean and could not figure out why her foyer was infested. I came out to the property ready to inspect. As I walked up to the front door, it is second-nature for me to start doing a cursory visual inspection as soon as I get out of my Cowleys van -- even before introducing myself to the customer. While walking up to the house, I immediately noticed a trail of pavement ants entering her home through the brick work under her front door.

Pavement ants are small blackish ants that get their name because they are drawn to making their nests in or under pavement cracks. They eat pretty much anything, not just products containing sugars. Pavement ants commonly infest structures near their nests while foraging for food and even climb masonry walls in their search for food.

I rang the bell and, when she opened the door, I showed her my discovery. She was very pleased that I was able to locate their entry point so quickly. I told her that the best way to rid her home of ants was with our "inside/outside" treatment. Our state-of-the-art products are designed to infect the ants as they travel so that they carry the product to the colony. Although, it "feels good" to kill some isolated worker ants foraging for food, an ant infestation will not be resolved until the product finds its way to the nest and the queens are killed.

She asked me what she could do to prevent ant infestations in the future. I told her that it certainly helped that she did not have open food or crumbs in the kitchen. However, besides that, it is important to eliminate standing water around the home, keep tree branches away from the roof, keep firewood and building materials away from the home, and close off any cracks or little openings around the foundation of the home. As you can imagine, ants, which can be as small as 1/16 of an inch, don't need much of an opening to find their way inside a home.

This homeowner was extremely pleased with Cowleys service and recommended us to her Franklin Park neighbors. For me, referrals are always the best form of a compliment!