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Pests We Treat - Gap provides easy entry for mice in Princeton

Gap provides easy entry for mice in Princeton
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The primary traps would be in the basement where the mice are entering. I'm confident that the traps placed in the basement will do the job, but if some lucky mice manage to evade those traps, I want to end their little escapade in the kitchen. With rodent jobs, with it comes to setting traps, I never put "all my eggs in one basket." To completely eradicate the mouse population, I always place extra traps in locations throughout the house where mice have been seen. I even placed a few traps in the attic because it is a common non-living space of the home that mice are attracted to. Attics are warm, quiet, and private with plenty of harborage places not to mention soft cozy insulation to build nests. After sealing the holes a made an appointment with the homeowner for a two week follow-up where I could re-inspect and assess what progress was made since my in initial visit in order to get rid of the mice. I'm confident that with the entry points sealed and the strategically set traps, the homeowner would see a dramatic decline in the mice population. And I won't rest until the mouse population is reduced to zero. A single mouse is one mouse too many!