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Pests We Treat - Rodent monitors in Seaside Park, NJ

Rodent monitors in Seaside Park, NJ
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I set up a follow-up visit to inspect the traps and monitors that I had set. During the follow-up, I observed that rats had been eating the bait. Rats will not die immediately from the bait, and they often die outside of the residence. However, I did find one dead rat in the basement. It's final resting spot was, of all places, between two conga drums. Maybe he was trying to "bang out" a message to his fellow rats that their stay was coming to an abrupt end!. I removed the rat carcass. Everything was going to plan with the treatment, and I am confident that this rodent infestation will soon be resolved. I set up a final inspection date with the homeowner to make sure that there was no more evidence of rat activity.