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Pests We Treat - Bed bugs on furniture in Lakehurst, NJ

Bed bugs on furniture in Lakehurst, NJ
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When dispatched to a possible bed bug infestation, I assume the worst and come prepared. I plugged in my trusty Hepa-Vac and painstakingly vacuumed every seam, crack, undersides of the furniture, exposed wall plates, wall junctures, bed frame, headboards. After making sure I vacuumed up every visible bed bug and bed bug egg, I treated these same harborage areas with a liquid residual application to kill those bugs who managed to escape by Hepa-Vac. Before replacing the electrical wall plates, I applied a residual dust inside the open box. Certain furniture was so deeply infested, I recommended to the homeowners that they throw them out. It simply was not worth the risk of a re-infestation.