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Pests We Treat - Bed bugs on sofa in Sayreville, New Jersery

Bed bugs on sofa in Sayreville, New Jersery
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Upon arrival, I spoke with the homeowner to help me focus my inspection and treatment plan. For example, with a bed bug infestation, I'm always concerned about whether the customer has actually seen live bed bugs, and if so, where. In the early stages of an infestation, we are often contacted after signs of bedbug activities, which range from blood and fecal stains on sheets to customers waking up with mysterious, unexplained bites. Often, the first sign of bedbugs are bites, and it is helpful to know the duration of the bites. I am often surprised as to how long people are willing to put up with this discomfort. Bedbug populations grow rapidly, and the longer the infestation, the higher the likelihood that the infestation is disbursed throughout the home, and not localized to just a few rooms. While bedrooms are most commonly infested (bedbugs are parasitic insects that like to feed on our blood while we are sleeping), I've found bedbugs anywhere and everywhere, especially with well-entrenched infestations.