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Pests We Treat - Moving furniture to thoroughly clean areas

Moving furniture to thoroughly clean areas
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In most cafeterias, including this one, the booths have removable bench seats for easy cleaning and replacement, if needed. While removing one of the seats to see what may be lurking underneath, I found some food debris and mouse droppings (see picture). This was one smart mouse who understood that when it comes to real estate, it's all about location. This particular booth was right next to a soda cooler, which made for a perfect harborage area. The mouse had a ready supply of water from the condensation drip pan as well as heat from the appliance motor. And whenever this mouse was hungry, he could go to any of the booths with collected food debris, and a hop and a skip away from the booth was the salad bar. From my experience with restaurants, salad bar displays can have a lot of spillage from customers dropping food left and right. If salad bar areas are not kept up with, they can be a source of problems for pest infestations.This one was no exception. While inspecting behind the salad bar, I observed that any mouse would have had is own mini-salad bar buffet.