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Pests We Treat - Bed bug on sofa in Spotswood, New Jersey

Bed bug on sofa in Spotswood, New Jersey
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I began by reinspecting all of the bedding and furniture, and I found active bed bug activity on the chair, sofa and mattress. Using my powerful hepa-vac, I slowly vacuumed all of the harborage areas, including the seams and tufts of all bedding and furniture to suck up the eggs and any live bed bug activity. After vacuuming, these I applied a crack and crevice treatment to these harborage areas. Nothing can be overlooked. Bedbugs are small enough to squeeze into the stitching holes of a mattress! The tenant commented that the overnight bed bug bites were no longer a problem, and he was visibly pleased that his bedbug nightmare was coming to an end. I also thanked property management for their help in prepping the apartment. Without their assistance, this infestation would have been much more difficult and time-consuming to resolve. Finally, I scheduled another follow-up inspection. As we do with all of Cowleys bed bug treatments, I will continue to monitor progress until the bedbug infestation is completely resolved.