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Pests We Treat - Hornets Nest Removal in Colonia, New Jersey

Hornets Nest Removal in Colonia, New Jersey
I treated the nest with a combination of  pyrethrin dust and a foam application to the nest. These applications kill all the wasps in the interior of the nest, as well as any returning wasps as they enter. I allowed some time for these products to work on the nest, waiting until there was no more observable insect activity. I then carefully removed and packaged the nest to be transported with me once I leave. I don't want any remnants of wasp activity on the property that may attract other wasps or insects. Finally, I inspected around the rest of the yard to make sure that there was no other stinging insect activity. Fortunately, no other activity was found. There was only the one hornets nest, and with that gone, the backyard was free and clear of any stinging insects. This Colonia homeowner was now free to enjoy her backyard once again with our fear of being stung. She had told me that with these "scary" wasps flying around, she was afraid to even step into her backyard. The homeowner thanked me for coming to her rescue so quickly and taking care of her wasp problem.