Case Studies

Pests We Treat Case Studies: Severe rodent infestation removal and control service in Beachwood

Wednesday, July 13th, 2016 by James Baggatta


A Beachwood homeowner contacted Cowleys because of a severe rodent infestation. Mice were chewing under the home’s siding and nesting in the wall voids. Needless to say, the sounds of scurrying mice behind your drywall is upsetting for any homeowner, especially when children are living in in the home. After the homeowner contacted Cowleys, one of our home inspectors immediately went out to assess the problem. He spoke with the homeowner and conducted a full inspection of the home. He was highly concerned because of the level of infestation, and, as soon as the homeowner agreed to have Cowleys take care of the problem, I was brought in to expedite the matter. Before going to the customer’s residence, I talked with the inspector to better understand the situation I would be dealing with, and to discuss the best approach to the problem. 



After arrival, after my own inspection, I installed two rodent bait boxes in strategic locations that would enable us to catch multiple rodents in the shortest period of time. My overriding objective here, as with all infestations, is to solve the problem quickly, accurately, and permanently. I especially enjoy the challenge of rodents. They are surprisingly intelligent creatures, and very cautious about anything unfamiliar placed in their environment. The rodent boxes, which I placed in areas of heaviest rodent activity, are camouflaged to blend in with their surroundings. Also, as a matter of safety, the rodent bait stations are target specific. The boxes are constructed so that only the targeted animals that we want to control— the mice — have access to the bait. These boxes are locked and are virtually unbreakable. Only we can open and rebait them as necessary. These boxes are completely inaccessible to curious young children and pets. 

After I finished my set-up, I spoke with the home owner to explain what I did and my plans for what I will be doing in order to resolve her problem. I will return to her home shortly to check the boxes to see how many rodents were captured and I’ll also re-inspect the home to determine the level of rodent activity. I will continue to work with this homeowner until her home is rodent-free. She was pleased that her mouse infestation problem was handled so expeditiously by Cowleys. As a pest control technician, it’s a great feeling to help out distressed homeowners by putting the infestation behind them, and allowing them to go back to enjoying their home and finally having a good night’s sleep!