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Pests We Treat Case Studies: Commecrial Mice Infestation in Monmouth Beach, NJ

Thursday, September 24th, 2015 by Chris Fyfe


I responded to a service call for a mice infestation at a commercial residential facility in Monmouth Beach. The common House Mouse are found throughout the United States, and at least for us at Cowleys, is the most common rodent infestation. Mice are exceptionally agile. They are great climbers, despite their small size and tiny legs, can jump a foot high. They can also free fall eight feet down without injuring themselves. Because of their skeletal structure, house mice easily squeeze through the tiniest of holes and gaps. If a #2 pencil can fit through a hole or crack, so can a mouse. Since mice don’t have collarbones, their only limitation when it comes to squeezing through holes and gaps is their skull. They prefer to nest in dark secluded areas where there is little chance of disturbance, and in areas where nesting materials are readily available. Unfortunately, in a home or commercial property building insulation makes for wonderful rodent nest bedding.

Upon arrival, the manager informed me that there was a mice issue in their storage rooms and pump room. I first conducted an inspection to look for potential entry points and signs of a mice infestation to determine the scope and size of the problem. Pump or boiler rooms are common harborage areas because of the heat and moisture from the piping, as well as all of the nooks and crannies for hiding spaces to build nests. While inspecting the pump room, as shown in the picture, I noticed a large pipe going through the wall. The gaps around the pipe were not sealed correctly allowing virtually unrestricted access for rodents to enter. I also found another entry point in the storage room (see pictures).



In both areas, the tell-tale signs of mice droppings were under and adjacent to the entry points. I showed these areas to the manager, and was assured that everything would be properly sealed to prevent future entry. To resolve the existing infestation, I set up a baiting system, placed rodent bait traps along wall in each area, as well as securing rodent bait stations to the exterior in proximity to the entry points in order to capture and kill those mice exiting the pump and storage rooms. With the indoor baiting in place, the infestation will be resolved quickly and with the access points sealed, there should be no further mice issues with this property.