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Pests We Treat Case Studies: Termites a surprise for this Long Beach Island, NJ homeowner.

Monday, August 7th, 2017 by Tom Witkowski


The customer, a Long Beach Island homeowner, called Cowleys for a termite inspection. His last words before I descended into the crawl space: "I don't think I have a problem, but I just want to be sure." As it turned out, it was fortunate that he requested a “just to be sure” inspection!

As I starting my crawl space inspection, I immediately noticed Wood to Ground contact (WTGC). Lumber manufacturers sell specially treated lumber designed and prepared for ground contact. It contains a preservative that provides resistance from rot, fungal decay, and termites. The key word is resistance. Many homeowners erroneously believe that this wood is impervious to termites. Far from it. Termites can and do eat pressure treated wood. As an experienced termite control technician, from first-hand experience, I’ve observed extensive termite damage on pressure-treated wood, even chromium/copper/arsenic-treated southern yellow pine. So anytime I see direct wood to ground contact, no matter the type of wood, there is always a strong possibility of termites. You can't make it any easier for them.

This LBI house that I was inspecting had a pier foundation with the wooden piers inserted directly in the sandy soil. Also, there were no termite shields to deter termite movement up the foundation. Without these metal barriers, the risk of termite infestation increases. Needless to say, this home was at risk for termites and required a careful crawl space inspection. Sure enough, I found termite mud tubes on the piers, and there was already extensive termite damage to the bottom of the framing.


Once I explained the situation, the homeowner wanted the treatment started yesterday. First, I treated the home with Termidor, the most popular and effective termiticide. This product quickly spreads throughout the colony. It tightly binds to the soil and is a non-repellant, undetectable to them, so the termites will not try to circumvent it. I treated the perimeter of crawl space as well as each of the twenty piers. After this application, for added future protection, I installed a Sentricon baiting system around the entire exterior perimeter of the home. This system works 24/7 to keep termites at bay and kill those who trespass.

The inevitable results from Cowleys termite treatment plan: (1) no more termites; and (2) a happy homeowner.

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