Case Studies

Pests We Treat Case Studies: Ants in Allenhurst, NJ Basement

Tuesday, May 8th, 2018 by Jon Stinnet


I went into a home in Allenhurst, NJ where the customer had found ants in the basement, in the french drain, and going up the wall to the sill plate, the wood that's on the concrete foundation. I inspected the exterior and found on the exterior a trail of ants going up the foundation into the area where ants were seen in the basement. It is really critical to find the nest and treat the nest and all areas leading to it or your ant problem will never go away. I take a lot of time to inspect and follow the ant trail all the way to the nest.


To be as thorough as possible, and make sure that the active ingredient spreads to the entire colony, we commonly use multiple methods of delivery. In this case, we used a residual insecticide, gel bait and granular insecticide.

I treated the basement area with residual insecticide and ant gel bait. Residual insecticide is a non repellent product that is sprayed and the ants walk through it, bringing the active ingredient back to the nest. It is then spread through the colony by contact. Ant gel bait is a bait that they ingest and bring back and share with the colony. Ants regurgitate food and feed it to the larvae, and the larvae regurgitates it and the colony feeds off of it. We also have the option of using a granular insecticide. Granular is used in a hand spreader around the house and it dissipates slowly over a period of about 30 days, ensuring that any stragglers are treated. It is activated by moisture and also puts a barrier around the perimeter of the house. I also treated the sill plates in the basement, the exterior windows, doors, and foundation and I applied granular around exterior. Also applied ant gel bait to ant trails trailing up foundation.