Case Studies

Pests We Treat Case Studies: Cowleys Eliminating Termites in Mantoloking, NJ

Tuesday, March 24th, 2020 by Kevin Vernon


I went out on a service call for a homeowner in Mantoloking, NJ who spotted a "winged termite" in his living room. After a thorough inspection, I found several termite swarmers in the living room as well as evident and visible termite damage to the molding. I continued inspecting and determined that there were termites inside a wall in the living room.

I also noticed that the home was built on a slab. Many people assume that homes with a slab foundation cannot get termites, which is just a myth. In fact, termites can actually be hidden in the walls of slab homes much longer than a house with a crawl space foundation, which leads to more property damage going unnoticed. 


To rid the home of termites, I employed a treatment method called short rodding. First, I needed to drill into the concrete slab around the entire exterior perimeter of the home and then inject a liquid application. Why? Termites live beneath the soil and enter your home below the ground level of the dirt and doing this method ensures that I am treating the termites directly at the source and eliminating them.

After drilling, I injected a liquid application, which binds to the treated soil and creates a protective zone that termites cannot detect, into the slab. Once the termites come in contact with this product and either ingest or transfer it to other termites in the colony, in a short time they are neutralized. With such an effective treatment the home will be protected from termites for many years.