Case Studies

Pests We Treat Case Studies: Mice Put a Pause on Renovations in Allenwood, NJ

Wednesday, February 26th, 2020 by Carl Vogel


A new entrepreneur purchased an old diner in Allenwood, NJ and had plans to completely renovate it and have a grand opening in the late spring. There was just one problem — mice, and a lot of them! Before he could begin anything he first needed to rid the building of mice, so he called Cowleys for help.

While inspecting the building we did notice a grouping of mice droppings in the corner of the storage room. As we inspected, we found the entranceway— a small gap underneath the delivery door. How did we know this was their way of entering the building? We found mice hair and a dead mouse under the door!

Although this gap seems small to us, to mice, it's the perfect size! Mice only need an opening the width of a pencil to enter an establishment. Once inside, they will contaminate the area and spread a plethora of diseases, such as the Hantavirus or Salmonellosis.


First, we used a rodent deterrent gel product and ran it along the area of the door frame to keep the mice away. The rodents dislike the tastes and odors of the gel products and they go the opposite way when they encounter it. Next, we stuffed the openings with copper mesh, with the gel bait inside of it, and applied an impenetrable sealant into the gaps.

Lastly, we placed two exterior rodent bait stations on each side of the delivery door as well as two interior bait stations. When we returned for a follow-up visit we noticed that the mice activity dropped drastically and the owner had replaced the delivery door and sealed it up properly. On our last follow up visit, we were able to report that there was no more mice activity. Now the owner can continue his renovations in a timely manner.