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Pests We Treat Case Studies: Territorial Yellowjackets in Holmdel, NJ

Tuesday, August 13th, 2019 by Jim Regan


Yellowjackets are very territorial and will let you know if you were getting too close to their nest. Unfortunately, one of our new clients in Holmdel, NJ, found that out the hard way. As I began inspecting the area, I found a yellowjackets nest in the corner of the soffit by the front door. 

Yellowjackets are social insects that have annual colonies; only the queen lives through winter to start a new colony in the spring. Common places for a nest are attached to bushes, trees, or the eaves of homes. Yellowjacket nests are built with a recognizable paper-like material made from chewed cellulose. Their diet consists of sugary substances such as flower nectar, fruit, and the occasional soda when they find an open can. What makes yellowjackets unique is that they consume protein in their larval stage.

If the entrance to a yellowjackets nest is approached, they will become very aggressive. They can sting multiple times, and their stings can be very painful. People who are allergic to their venom could have a severe reaction, and it is possible to become hypersensitive to yellowjackets after being stung. This sensitivity could cause a serious problem if stung again in the future.


This is what we consider a very serious situation that needs to be addressed immediately. There are several ways to remedy the situation but I decided to go with a dust application. The reason that I chose to dust the area is that I don’t know what exactly is going on up inside the soffit. By using the dust I’m able to get the product to where I can see. By placing the tip of the duster into the entrance and pulling the string the dust will expand and find the nest as well as the surrounding areas where the yellow jackets are building.

Within five days for yellowjacket activity will be completely eliminated in the area will be safe. The client was extremely satisfied and grateful that we were able to get there so quickly to take care of the problem.