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Pests We Treat Case Studies: Bird Poop Ruins Roof in Jackson, NJ

Friday, July 26th, 2019 by Ron Fenimore


A homeowner in Jackson, NJ was having an issue with birds roosting on his roof. Normally, he wouldn't mind a few birds on his roof, but the main issue was that the birds were pooping all over his brand new roof and damaging it! Frustrated, he contacted Cowleys to help remedy his bird problem.

As soon as I began inspecting the roof, I immediately saw how bad the bird poop was. Fortunately, the birds didn't make it into the homeowner's attic. Aside from making your roof look disgusting, bird droppings can cause some serious issues to your roof. Bird poop contains uric acid (that's the white liquid goo part of bird poop) because birds don't urinate to release nitrogenous waste from their blood. The acid dissolves the asphalt in the shingles, which causes the protective granules to wash off of the roof. Without this layer of protection, additional bird poop will eat away at the shingles until they provided absolutely no protection from the rain and snow, which will lead to roof leaks. 


After completing our inspection, we determined that the best solution is to install a shock track system around the perimeter of the roof. The shock track system emits an electric shock that doesn't harm the birds but scares them. Once the birds land on it, the track shocks their feet and the birds no longer perch and roost on the roof.

Another beneficial part of the shock track system is that it is powered by a solar-power battery box. Meaning it is a green alternative to safely prevent birds from roosting. Now the homeowner will no longer worry about pesky birds defecating all over his brand new roof.