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Pests We Treat Case Studies: Bird Removal in Colts Neck, NJ

Tuesday, June 25th, 2019 by Ron Fenimore


A new residential client in Colts Neck, NJ contacted Cowleys after noticing birds flying around his roof and kept hearing chirping in his attic. Once we arrived we noticed something unusual about the homeowner's roof. As we inspected we discovered several unsealed areas with 2-3" gaps between the gutters and roof that was exposing the attic at almost every corner of the home.  

This is what many contractors refer to as a builders gap. This means that the roof decking is left slightly shorter than the rafter ends creating a gap between the roof and the gutter and is covered by a layer of shingles. This gap extends along the full roofline of your home and is an open invitation for birds to invade your home. 

Continuing our inspection we found over four empty birds nest throughout the gap. Birds nesting in your attic is a severe health hazard. First of all, the debris they use for nesting can attract parasites, insects, and bad odors. Additionally, there are multiple diseases that can be spread by bird droppings, primarily histoplasmosis. This respiratory disease comes from a fungus found in the dried bird droppings and can be fatal. Not to mention, most attics will have wires running throughout them and if the birds choose to pull on wires or even use them as nesting material, this can be a serious fire hazard. You will be unaware of the damage, use your electricity, and a spark can form, starting a fire. 


First, we sanitized all the nesting areas with a product that specifically targets bird mites. Birds mites are blood-sucking parasites that can invade a home once birds have left their nests. Once the nests were sanitized we carefully removed all the nests. Next, we installed a leaf proof gutter guard all along the entire roofline.

This heavy-duty material is made of an aluminum metal that slips under the shingle and the plywood and attaches to the gutter. The leaf proof gutter guard still allows the water to run into the gutter and prevents birds and other nuisance wildlife from accessing the attic area. Now the home will no longer have an issue with birds invading the attic.