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Huge hornets nest endangers Bridgewater, NJ family

I was sent to a home in Bridgewater, NJ who’s owner was walking to their car when he noticed a huge gray hornets nest in the tree adjacent to the walkway. Hornets make their own nesting material by mixing chewed-up wood pulp from tree bark mixed with their saliva, forming an enclosed nest around the comb where the queen lays her eggs. 

First I want to say, it’s a good thing he did not try to remove it himself. These hornets are extremely aggressive, and will defend its nest if threatened. They are close relatives of yellow jackets and they are just as nasty and aggressive, singing anyone or anything that comes into the “danger zone” around their nest. These wasps, unlike bees, can sting repeatedly, so a swarm of them can pose quite a dangerous situation. 

I quickly put on my bee suit. With these particular stinging insects, I wasn’t going to take any chances. With the protection of my bee suit, I was able to I walk right up to the nest, and find the entry hole.

Once found, we inject a foaming insecticide directly into the nest, quickly paralyzing all of the hornets and any stray hornets that might be returning from gathering nest building material.

Once I was sure that there was no further danger from those hornets, I removed the nest from the branch, and let the homeowners know to stay away from the area for a while because there still could be returning hornets wondering where their home went. Eventually the hornets would go elsewhere.


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