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Mice Bother Senior Residents in Monroe Township, NJ

I was recently sent out to a senior citizen development in Monroe Township, NJ to resolve a mouse infestation. The homeowner, who had quite a sense of humor considering there were rodents in her dwelling, told me that she was seeing “Mickey and friends,” but she was stumped as to how these little critters were gaining access to her home.

Usually, when inspecting for rodents, you’ll only see signs of rodent activity and not the pests themselves. Here, i found one of the most common signs of rodent activity — their droppings that they leave behind. Here, I found mouse droppings Considering near one of the poles in the closet. This pole happened to extend all the way up from the crawl space, and there was enough of a gap around the pole for mice to squeeze through to reach her closet. 

I applied a tracking powder along the pole and also excluded the space around the pole to seal off access. For rodent infestations, it is also important to conduct a thorough inspection of the home’s perimeter. During my outdoor inspection, I noticed a large opening underneath the exhaust. I took a picture of the potential rodent entry point to show the homeowner, and then proceeded to seal up that hole as well. 

After returning for a follow-up visit two weeks later, I was greeted by one happy homeowner. She told me exactly what i love to hear. She said that there were no further mouse sightings, mouse droppings, or any other signs of mice activity since my first visit.

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