Pests We Treat - Wasps in Colts Neck, NJ

Recently, I was sent to a home in Colts Neck, NJ to treat a wasp infestation. The wasps had nested behind the home’s siding, which unfortunately, is all too common. Many types of wasps like to build their nests inside cavities such as rodent burrows in the ground and inside tree cavities. But sometimes, the wasps choose manmade structures and will build nests around the roofline of the home, in outdoor floodlight fixtures, and here, behind a home’s siding. These are small insects and have no problem accessing the smallest gaps and cracks. 

First, I used a spray where the wasps were entering and exiting to quickly knock down their population. I waiting a few minutes until there was no more observable activity, and then treated the area with a waterproof dust especially made to wok in those wet and damp places that insects love to hide.