Pests We Treat - Huge wasp nest taken down in Plainsboro, NJ

Here is a video demonstrating how we “disable” and remove a large baldfaced hornet nest in Plainsboro, NJ. These are strong, aggressive, territorial wasps whose stingers can puncture thick clothing. They are a type of yellow jacket and are identified by their white markings on their head an abdomen. While yellow jackets typically build nests in underground burrows, tree cavities, or behind home siding, these wasps build large nests. As you can see in the video, they often attach their nests to tree limbs. Unfortunately, this one was built too close to pedestrian traffic and needed to be removed. 

When dealing with an active baldfaced hornet nest, I always put on a full body suit and face protector. These wasps get particularly nasty if their nest is threatened, and a mature nest can have hundreds of workers ready to protect their nest at a moment’s notice. Even wearing all of this protective gear does not make you completely immune to being stung. If there is a small hole or some weak stitching a wasp or two can find their way in. 

As shown in the video, the first step in removing one of these nests, is thoroughly spraying the entire nest with a knock-down aerosol. These nests are complex structures with rows of combs inside a tough outer shell, and it is important to completely saturate the nest. Also, I thoroughly spray into their entry and exit hole at the bottom of the nest. After spraying the nest, I wait until I observe no more activity — and then I spray a bit more for good measure! Even pest control technicians don’t like to be stung, and even though we are used to it, they still pack a wallop. Once there is no wasp activity, I’ll cut the nest off the tree limb, bag it, and remove it. Even with all this spraying their can still be live wasps inside the nest.