Pests We Treat - Ants invade this Milltown, NJ Home and Prove Challenging

A residential customer in Milltown, NJ had a ongoing ant issue. We had been to this customer's home several times and they were still seeing ants in a few areas. After speaking with the homeowner and finding out where they last saw activity, I inspected those areas and found ants. They were Odorous House Ants, While Joe was treating HARBORAGE areas on the main floor I inspected the crawl space under the areas ants were seen.

Once entering the crawl space I made my way to the exterior foundation wall where I found ants trailing from the expansion joint on the floor, up the foundation wall onto the sill plate and trailing along the I-beam right to where they were seen above. Using a liquid gel bait I treated along the trails, the ants immediately feeding, bringing the bait back to the nest and wiping out the Colony.