Rats Survival Skills

The Survival Skills and Physical Prowess of Rats Are Unmatched By Any Other Mammal

There are no mammals that have the resiliency of rodents. And no rodent has survived better than rats. Colonies of roof rats lived on the Eniwetok Atoll in the South Pacific throughout ten years of atomic bomb testing. The soil of these islands was literally burned off and tidal waves inundated them. The rats not only survived in their underground burrows; they appeared to suffer no ill effects from the high levels of nuclear radiation.

Rats have unusual physical capabilities that enable them to gain entry to structures by climbing, jumping, and swimming. They have flexible skeletons that can compress and expand enabling them to squeeze through a pipe the width of a quarter. Rats can hold their breath for four minutes; they can get flushed down a toilet and live. They can enter a house by climbing up a drainpipe into a toilet bowl. Rats can run and scale the sides of brick buildings with their powerful hind feet and sharp claws. A rat can gain entry to a roof by balancing along telephone wires using its tail for balance. A rat can even fall off a five-story building and land safely on its feet. It can jump two feet to the top of a garbage can – three feet with a running start. This is the equivalent of a human leaping from the driveway up to the roof of the garage.

Prevention is Key

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