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Pests We Treat Case Studies: Tick Treatment in Lincroft, NJ

Monday, July 13th, 2015 by Bill Cowley


Today's journey brought me to one of our residential customers in Lincroft,  NJ.  Their backyard where their children play was being invaded by ticks.  The American Dog Ticks name comes from the fact that it is only found in North America and that domestic dogs are the favorite host of the adults. Although not a structural pest,  it is commonly found on dogs and readily attacks humans. It is of medical importance because it vectors the causal organisms of Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Tularemia, and also causes tick paralysis. It is found throughout the United States.

The American Dog tickets does not survive well indoors.  If found indoors, it was probably carried in on a dog and dropped off when fully engorged to seek a suitable place for egg laying. Adults crawl up grass or other vegetation,  and wave their legs about ready to grasp onto any passing hos


Ticks can be controlled by :

•  Personal protection - keep pant legs tucked into socks or boots, shirts tucked in,  clothes buttoned. Liberal use of tick repellents is helpful, including application to clothing.

•  Habitat modifications keep the grass cut to 3" or less,  this also reduces rodent habitat. Trim back vegetation along trails,  paths, and yard edges. Remove debris and ground cover to eliminate Harborage. Pesticide applications to transition areas (yards woods interface) landscape areas, vegetation.

Using our Power Mister for the chemical application, I thoroughly treated all the appropriate areas, and told the homeowner to please keep her kids and pets inside for at least two hours in order for the treatment application to completely dry. I thanked her for choosing Cowleys to protect her family and moved on to my next appointment.