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Pests We Treat Case Studies: Exterminators in Brick, NJ

Monday, July 8th, 2019 by Jim Regan


 While I was serving some of our exterior rodent stations at one of Cowleys commercial accounts in Brick, NJ I found something interesting — carpenter ants. Carpenter ants were living in the mulch underneath one of the rodent stations.  

Mulch stays nice and damp, especially underneath the rodent stations, because the sun doesn’t dry out that area as quickly. Carpenter ants love nesting in moist areas because it gives them everything they need to thrive. Moisture is the key to life, and mulch definitely provides moisture. Carpenter ants nest in wood, they do not eat wood, and as their colonies grow in size, so does their nest. When you find carpenter ants on your property it is best to get this situation taken care of immediately so the problem doesn’t become any more serious than it potentially could be.


I spoke to the property manager as soon as I made the discovery and he advised me to treat it as soon as possible. I explained that a light liquid application to the area would be the best course of action for eliminating the ants. When the carpenter ants come in contact with the liquid application they will carry it back to their colony and spread it to the others. Within two weeks the carpenter ant colony will be eliminated and they will no longer pose a threat to this commercial property.