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Pests We Treat Case Studies: Bumble Bees Bugs Homeowner in Wall Township, NJ

Thursday, June 13th, 2019 by Mickey Rochelle


A homeowner in Wall Township, NJ was sick and tired of bees bugging him and his family every-time they went outside in their backyard, so they contacted Cowleys to help them resolve their bee problem.

Once I arrived, I asked the homeowner where was he seeing the highest level of bee activity, to which he told me near a pile of mulch in his backyard. As I inspected, a bumblebee poked his head out and flew right at me! After over a decade in the pest control world, a tiny bumblebee doesn’t scare me.

Bumblebees are typically found in flowering plants, and they can sting. Their colony grows larger over the summer and is usually discovered while gardening or mowing the lawn. Often confused with carpenter bees, bumblebees are characterized by the hairiness of their abdomen. The bumblebees will attack to defend their nest and are considered a health concern. Fortunately, they will very rarely nest inside homes.

Continuing my inspection I discovered that the bees had multiple entryways throughout the pile. I continued inspecting the entire exterior of the home and found no additional signs of bumblebees. 


I treated each individual entryway with a light dust residual product. Once bees come in contact with an area that has been treated with this product, they will pick up the dust on their bodies. Later when they groom themselves they will ingest the small particles and then be eliminated. I advised the homeowner to remove the mulch pile away from his home in order to prevent future pest infestations.