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Pests We Treat Case Studies: Cockroaches Infiltrate Barnegat, NJ Apartment.

Wednesday, June 13th, 2018 by Alfonso Reyes


Recently, I was sent to an apartment unit in Barneget, NJ, to resolve an entrenched German cockroach infestation. Roaches have exceptionally high breeding rates, even for insects. One egg casing can contain dozens of eggs, and they just keep multiplying. It does not take long for roaches to spread and take over an entire home. Roaches are also exceptionally resilient insects that are able to live and thrive in the harshest conditions. They can consume very little and eat almost anything including hair int the bathrooms and the decaying matter in drains. They can also survive for extended periods of time with no food or water. American roaches are often found foraging under appliances, in drains, in kitchen cabinets, behind stoves, and even in refrigerator compressors. 

Upon arrival, as I do with any insect or rodent infestation, I conduct a thorough inspection to determine the level and scope of the infestation. My inspection findings determine my treatment plan. Roaches are opportunistic insects that easily exploit gaps or cracks around homes. They can easily crawl through gaps around doors, pipes and other openings. Sometimes, roaches are brought into a home inadvertently. For example, roaches or roach eggs can easily be hidden in corrugated cardboard shipping boxes or in food items purchased from the local market.  

Roaches, like any insect, need water, food, and some shelter or protection against the outdoor elements to survive. Roaches have adapted well to human habitats since we give them an almost unlimited supply of everything they need. This particular home, unfortunately, had a widespread roach infestation. Sometimes the infestation is localized to an area of the home, usually the kitchen, which makes it easier to treat. Here, however, the infestation had already spread to every room throughout the unit.


I treated the unit with a liquid application to strategic areas, and carefully flushed out all of the voids. Roaches hide in the smallest nooks and crannies when not foraging. Also, they are sensitive to light and prefer to do their foraging in the dark. It is quite satisfying for me to see the hiding roaches scurrying out of their hiding places and cross over the residual application knowing that they will soon meet their demise. The roaches carry the application back to other roaches and larvae still hiding. Finally, I baited under the cabinets, sink, counter, and behind the kitchen appliances.  

It will take a few days for the treatment to take effect, but these residents will soon see a major decline in the roach population. Any insect infestation is troublesome, but roach infestations are especially a problem because they are a sanitation issue. These insects transfer diseases and contaminate food and counter tops. It is quite satisfying for me to deal with roach infestations and remove these nasty pests from homes and apartments.