Mice Living in Basement Insulation in Marlboro, NJ

We were sent out on a service call to a new customers home in Marlboro, NJ, to treat for mice. The owner was wondering why she had mice to begin with because she regularly deep cleaned her home. Well, about 30 yards away from the property was a heavy wooded area with a lot of water and, after a thorough inspection of the home, there were a lot of gaps around the basement vents. The mice were coming from the woods and, since it was getting cold outside, making there way into the basement!

As we inspected the basement, we found a ton of mice droppings and tunnels throughout the insulation. Mice will often tunnel in the insulation to create a warm nesting place. First, we carefully removed all the mice droppings. Next, we installed several rodent bait stations throughout the basement and along the exterior of the home.

Afterward, we stuffed all the openings around the basement vents with chew-proof, stainless steel mesh and then sealed them with a waterproof, premium adhesive. Lastly, we scheduled several follow up visits to replenish the bait in the rodent bait stations and to monitor the mice activity.

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