Removing an Active Bald-Faced Hornets Nest in Metuchen, NJ

We were sent out on a service call to home in Metuchen, NJ, to handle a hornet problem. Apparently the homeowner was attacked and stung by several angry hornets as soon as he opened his bedroom window. Once we arrived, we found an active bald-faced hornets nest underneath the soffit right above the master bedroom window!

Bald-faced hornets are social stinging insects that are a close relative to yellow jackets. The surface of their upper midsection almost looks triangular from the side, and they have white markings on their face. They build paper nests at least three or more feet off of the ground, usually in trees, shrubs, overhangs, houses, or other structures. One very important fact that you must know about bald-faced hornets is that they are EXTREMELY aggressive and will not hesitate to sting anything that invades their space.

For treatment, we injected a knockdown dusting application directly into the opening of the nest. This treatment rapidly neutralizes the bald-faced hornets. After a few moments went by, we removed the nest, disposed of it, and applied a residual application to the area that'll neutralize any returning bald-faced hornets and prevent any future stinging insects from building another nest.

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