Wildlife Removal - Groundhog Digs Up Garden in Jackson, NJ

This homeowner in Jackson, NJ had enough of groundhogs destroying her garden. We could do a simple trapping, but that would only temporarily solve the problem. We offered her a more permanent solution to her problem. 

I’m going to install Dig Defense® around the entire perimeter of the shed. Dig Defense® is a below-ground fence system that protects structures against invasive wildlife and keeps pets from digging out of yards. The fence is 15 inches deep and 4 feet across. Groundhogs dig at a 45-degree angle — they cannot dig straight down. So once this fence is installed, they are unable to go around it.

Once the Dig Defense® is installed, I'm going to set-up a nose cone into a multi-catch device over the main access point. Nose cones are used as an extension to a device to guide animals directly from the access point into the device. A multi-catch device is similar to a placement trap. The only difference between a placement trap and a multi-catch is a multi-catch can catch multiple critters. I also set-up a placement trap on the outer perimeter. In no time at all, we’ll have our groundhog.