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home-inspectionCertified Wildlife Control Professionals at Little Rascals begin every NJ wildlife control job knowing that the problem must be understood before the best course of action can be identified. Every wildlife eviction plan is a customized operation designed with your safety and the safety of the wildlife as a top priority.  Legally and ethically, wildlife belongs to the public. You can count on Little Rascals to treat wildlife in a humane fashion through every stage of the job. New Jersey wildlife control and removal specialists have many tools at their disposal to solve nuisance wildlife problems, but good judgment is always the most important. That's where our training and full-service capabilities makes the difference.

On-site Inspection

Every Little Rascals job starts with a detailed, comprehensive on-site inspection. We determine the nature and extent of the wildlife infestation. Our focus in wildlife control in New Jersey is determining potential access routes into your home and why the critters were attracted to your property in the first place. This includes examining possible food and water sources. We also check for sanitation problems and debris that can lead to further infestation problems. Unfortunately, one wild critter entering your home can lead to others. The last thing you need is nature’s food chain unveiling itself inside your home. We also inspect for those issues that could affect your family’s health such as dangerous animal wastes and debris that can contaminate your home’s air.

Detailed Analysis

Our detailed analysis defines the nature and extent of each customer’s specific problem. Following the inspection, we provide a complete written report on what needs to be done to get rid of the nuisance wildlife and prevent re-infestation. With your approval, we’ll get to work immediately. You can count on Little Rascals to offer you the best animal control solution for any nuisance critter found in NJ. If some unwanted guests have found there way inside your home, Little Rascals has the training, experience, and ingenuity to get them out.


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