raccoon hatRacoon Fun Facts

  1. In the 1700s, people would hunt raccoons and eat raccoon meat (taste like chicken?). They used the raccoon skins to make clothing. Many wore “coonskin” caps.
  2. In the 1920s, raccoon fur coats were in fashion and women wore fancy raccoon hats.
  3. Raccoons are at least as smart as dogs and cats.
  4. A raccoon can easily lift a dime out of a shirt pocket with its fingers.
  5. The heaviest raccoon weighed 62 pounds.
  6. The oldest raccoon lived for 21 years.
  7. Raccoons hiss, whistle, scream, and growl.
  8. When raccoons are calling to each other, they often use a vocalization that sounds similar to the whistle of a screech owl.
  9. Raccoons are more likely to be killed by an automobile than by another predator.

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