Wildlife Removal - Stormy Weather and a Rooftop Raccoon in Holmdel, NJ

I recently completed a set-up for a homeowner in Holmdel, NJ to trap and relocate invading raccoons. As shown in the video, there were muddy raccoon tracks showing their pathway to the roof. As a general rule, we try to secure traps as close to the access point as possible. This gives us the highest likelihood of successful capture since the baited trap is right on the animals’ route to and from the home. Also, close placement of the trap to the access point minimizes the likelihood of trapping a “non-target” animal. 

However, there are sometimes circumstances where we need to make adjustments. Right now, we were dealing with harsh winter weather in the forecast. We were concerned that we could potentially trap an animal and not be able to timely reach the trap. It would be highly unethical and inhumane to leave a distressed animal in a cage for any extended period of time. Here, the access point happened to be located right above a synthetic Trex-Type deck board. These boards become extremely slippery if covered in snow or gets wet, and it would be a safety issue to place a ladder there in order to reach the roof access point. In this circumstance, it was safer to secure the traps where they would be readily accessible regardless of weather conditions. We can always secure a one-way device over the entry points and move the traps near the access later after the forecasted bad weather has passed if the animals have not yet been captured.