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Wildlife Removal Case Studies: Squirrel removal and control at a condominium complex in Bridgewater

Friday, January 8th, 2016 by James Welsh


I was dispatched to a Bridgewater condominium unit to resolve a nuisance wildlife infestation problem. The homeowner had called Cowleys after seeing and hearing at least one squirrel in the soffit area above his second story kitchen bay window. Upon arrival, I talked with the homeowner for a few minutes about the types and timing of the noises and sightings to get a better idea of the nature of the infestation. I was then ready to get to work. First, I inspected the roof and soffit area to determine the potential entry points and clues showing what the little intruders were up to. Looking around with a “squirrel’s eye” view, I found a hole right where the bay window roof met the the flat exterior wall. It was just the right size for squirrels to come and go as they please, and perfectly matched the homeowner’s own observations of his wildlife problem.  




I prepared my live traps and began to set them near the access hole.  Evidently, I was making too much noise while getting everything set up. The resident squirrel jumped out of the hole to see what the commotion was all about. With the grace of an Olympic gymnast, the little critter made a perfect four-point landing on my leg. Any less experienced technician may have panicked. But this squirrel challenged the wrong guy. We had own little “Mexican standoff” on the roof, but intimidated by my steely gaze, the squirrel turned tail. He jumped to the ground and high-tailed it around the corner. And that was the last I saw of him. Now, with one squirrel already out of the picture, I knew things were looking up. I completed my trap setup uninterrupted and put a one-way exclusion over the hole. If there were still more squirrels inside, it would be a one-way trip once they left, and the squirrel that I had the pleasure of meeting up close and personal could not re-enter.   

On a subsequent site check, there was good news. The homeowner was not hear any more noises from the attic. I inspected the attic to make sure there was no evidence of squirrel activity. Fortunately, the squirrels had not entered the main area and no damage was done.  With everything clear, I patched the access point. The homeowner was clearly relieved that his squirrel problem was resolved. For me, it’s the best feeling to leave a job that is done right, and hearing words of appreciation from another satisfied customer.

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