Case Studies

Wildlife Removal Case Studies: Squirrels Cause the Damage, Cowleys Fixes it Up in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

Thursday, April 2nd, 2020 by Ron Fenimore


A new Home Protection Plan customer in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ called our office after hearing noises in her attic throughout the day and night and we were sent out to inspect. After speaking with the homeowners we began inspecting the roof area and immediately noticed something interesting — a chewed out hole in the ridge vent! Continuing our inspection we found squirrel hair caught in the ridge vent as well. After reviewing all the evidence, we concluded that the nuisance wildlife invading this home was flying squirrels.

Unlike their other cousins, flying squirrels are active at night and they love to make nests in places where this is little sunlight. Their about 5 ½” to 6 3/8 in size and can squeeze through a 1/4" to 1/2" gap (hence why ridge vents are the perfect access point for them to invade attics). They present many hazards when invading an attic, such as urinating and defecating throughout the attic and keeping people up all night. 


We temporarily sealed up the area and set up a one-way device over the main access point. This device is designed to let the flying squirrels safely leave the attic, but prevent them from re-entering. In a short amount of time, all the squirrels were safely evicted from the home. Next, we disinfected the attic, removed the one-way and properly sealed up the ridge vent with a product called Ridge-Guard®.

Ridge-Guard® is a system for guarding against nuisance wildlife entry at the roof ridge. We installed the Ridge-Guard®, made sure it has a nice, secure fit, and then secured it with a premium, waterproof adhesive. Now the home will be properly guarded from not just flying squirrels, but all nuisance wildlife.