Case Studies

Wildlife Removal Case Studies: Flying squirrels found in Toms River, NJ home

Thursday, December 6th, 2018 by Zach Kutz


As temperatures drop in the fall and continue to drop to those freezing winter temperatures, we get more and more calls for mouse infestations. Mice are overwintering pests that seek refuge in our homes to avoid the harsh outdoor elements. Their very survival depends on it. Often, homeowners do not even see the infestation. Sometimes they spot droppings, and other times they just hear unusual sounds in the wall voids or scampering sounds in the attic. 


Even if we get a call for a mouse infestation in one particular area, I always perform an inspection of the nonliving areas of the home. Every so often we come across a pest or wildlife problem that the homeowner was not even aware of. This particular homeowner had heard some scratching noises near the kitchen wall intermittently over tow days, and then there was nothing.This Toms River, NJ homeowner thought that there may be mice, and he wanted us to perform an inspection to verify.  

I found no evidence of mouse activity such as droppings, relocated food, or nesting materials. However, much to the surprise of the homeowner, I found evidence of other wildlife. Flying squirrels had set up shop in his attic, and by the looks of things, had been there for quite some time. It was quite easy to see how they were entering the home and their trail over the insulation an continuing down the flex hose ductwork. They found a latched storage area in the attic and the corners had turned into a latrine for their waste. 

I set up a trap where the squirrels were gaining entry. The next step is to seal all of the entry points including any attic fans or vents, roofline gaps, and those areas where soffit is not secure. It is important to not fully seal the attic until you are assured that there is no more wildlife inside. Here, I placed an exclusion device at their main entry point. This will allow the squirrels to exit, but prevent their return. I also placed baited traps on the roof ear the entry point to trap and relocate the squirrels.

With the set-up in place, this flying squirrel problem is well on its way toward being resolved.