Pests We Treat - Ticks Invade Our Office in Farmingdale, NJ

Even though we are a pest control company, doesn't mean we are immune from pests. As we were having our weekly meeting here at Cowleys, we had an unexpected attendee — a tick!  

Unfortunately, for 2019, we are in for a doozy of a tick season and another round of too many reported Lyme cases. Why? Our mild winter, high levels of rainfall, and sustained warm temperatures have created an environment that has allowed ticks to thrive this spring and summer. Even worse, we are expecting to be hit with a large thriving tick population to be coming at us all at once. This year, we did not have the dry weather or extreme cold that slows down their growth rates.  

The danger of ticks, especially deer ticks, is that they may be carriers of infected blood. They usually receive this “bad” blood from white-footed mice. So, if you have mice on your property, or for that matter, acorn trees, a major food source for mice, your property is likely crawling with ticks.

For treatment, we equipped our backpack mister and started a permitter spraying along the outside edge of the woods. The spray we’re applying is a direct-contact residual. Any ticks that come in contact with the treatment are eliminated. Now we can have our meetings without the worry of any invasive pests!