Pests We Treat - Rodent prevention tips for homeowners

What can be done to keep mice from entering homes and other structures? Mice are overwintering pests. When temperatures drop, they look to escape the harsh outdoor elements by seeking shelter inside. It’s far better to prevent them from entering a building in the first place rather than dealing with an indoor rodent infestation.

Mice generally enter through gaps, cracks, and openings around the foundation. Openings around pipes and wiring entering the home, like this one in Oceanport, NJ are favorite entry spots. Locating and sealing these entry points is essential, mice don’t need much of an opening and a perimeter inspection must be systematic and thorough.  

In addition to rodent exclusion, my go-to back-up is exterior rodent bait stations. These stations work wonders in proactively stopping mice dead in their tracks (literally!) before entering your structure. We use a bait in the interior of these tamper-resistant bait boxes that rodents can’t resist. Little do they know, this tasty snack will be their last. The bait contains an anti-coagulant that quickly causes their demise before the rodents can set up shop inside your home. Before you have too much sympathy for the mice, remember that mice inside your home is a serious health hazard. Their droppings and urine contain dangerous pathogens, and these agile little creatures can contaminate food and kitchen counter tops. They can also carry in parasites like ticks and fleas. Field mice are the primary carrier of ticks that transfer Lyme-infected blood through their bites.

I like to strategically install these bait stations near potential entry points — exterior doors, garage doors, pipe and wire entry points, and other possible rodent access sites. Also, these boxes allow me to monitor rodent activity by checking whether any of the bait has been eaten. Sometimes, I see a few tentative nibbles, and other times, the bait will be completely devoured! It’s critical to replenish the bait on a monthly basis to keep it attractive for the rodent. Since its outside, the bait can get moldy and unappetizing, even for a mouse’s unsophisticated palate! 

Especially for those who have had rodent problems in the past, periodic preventative servicing can make all the difference in keeping your home, business, or other structure free from these disease-carrying pests.