Pests We Treat - Hotel bed bug infestation in Sayreville- Lucky they called us quickly

Hotels and motels are particularly susceptible to bed bug infestations. With guests coming and going, any lodging, even a five-star hotel, can find itself with a bedbug infestation. Any guest is a potential carrier who could bring in a hitchhiking bed bug or two on their person or hidden in their belongings. 

Unfortunately, the cleaning staff at a hotel in Port Monmouth, found bed bugs immediately after a customer had checked out. Needless to say, the hotel manager was horrified. He thumbed through the hotel Rolodex for our Cowleys business card on file, and immediately called us.


We arrived that day. The manager sent to the now-quarantined room. When we first started to inspect, it wasn't immediately clear that the bed bugs were present. Bed bugs are known for their stealth, and usually a cursory inspection yields negative results. To find signs of bed bug activity, you often have to actively dig for it — lifting away items and getting on your hands and knees, checking the smallest cracks and gaps. It wasn't until we took the head board off of the wall and lifted the box spring that we found bed bug activity. Sometimes you find active bedbugs crawling about, and other times you only find signs of bedbugs like fecal and blood stains, and sticky bed bug eggs.


We began by vacuuming every crack and crevice. We also found bed bugs behind the night stands that were mounted in the wall, and we vacuumed and treated those areas as well. Whenever we find bed bugs, customers often have mixed reactions. They are pleased that the infestation was discovered so it could be treated, but they are also rightly upset that they have to deal with an infestation. Let’s face it, bed bugs are a hassle for everyone, especially for a hotel. Bedbugs can easily damage a hotel’s reputation. All it takes is a few negative Yelp reviews or a report posted on 

Fortunately, this infestation was caught early on by vigilant hotel staff, so the bed bugs were localized to this one room before any other guests had checked in. We performed a thorough treatment and scheduled a two-week follow up. I always look forward to the follow-ups to see the results. It’s a great feeling to get rid of these disgusting infestations!