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Pests We Treat - Sump Pump housing drain flies in Dunellen

Sump Pump housing drain flies in Dunellen
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I removed part of sump pump cover to look down to get a better understanding of what i was dealing with. It was not a pretty sight! There were layers of built-up "gunk" and sediment inside the sump. These flies feed on organic matter and sewage. They breed in decomposing organic materials with the drain fly larvae in the gelatinous slime that coats drains. Surprisingly, considering the filth where they breed and the filth that they eat, they do not transmit any human diseases. Nevertheless, these flies with their long hairs are inherently disgusting and a major nuisance, and no one wants these tiny winged bugs flying out of drains in your kitchen, bathroom, or even basement sump pump! Any drain in a home or commercial building coated with decomposing organic gunk, is a potential needing ground for these insects.