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Pests We Treat - Treating the cockroach infestation

Treating the cockroach infestation
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This was a job where we needed to use applications requiring the tenants to leave their home and not return for five hours. My partner and I suited up, ready to tackle the challenge at hand. As I proceeded to micro inject the home focusing on the cracks and crevices, my partner treated the home with a chemical application. With the two of us simultaneously delivering a deadly "one-two punch," the roaches didn't stand a chance. They knew the jig was up and came out from every nook and cranny. They had nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. My partner and I achieved the result we wanted: an absolute knockdown of the infestation. After our two week follow-up visit to re-assess the infestation and provide any other needed treatments, we are confident that this roach infestation will be completely gone. No matter what, we will deal with this job until the infestation is gone and this home is roach-free.