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Pests We Treat Photo Album: Roach Infestation Removal in Adelphia, NJ

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To me, German roaches are the roaches that give other roaches a bad name. They are notorious for infesting multifamily dwellings like apartments and commercial food service establishments like restaurants. These insects can lay upwards of 40 eggs at a time in each egg case (ootheca), and they mature from egg to adult in only about three months. Also, a roach infestation poses a serious health hazard because they adulterate food with their feces, defensive secretions, and dangerous pathogens. Fortunately, I was there to take steps to resolve the problem, and, perhaps more important, I set the stage to minimize further problems. After this experience, the restaurant owner was adamant that the hygiene issues would be a top priority for the kitchen staff. From my experience, you don’t see large-scale entrenched pest infestations in commercial kitchens where sanitation protocols are followed daily and where there are regular periodic preventative inspections and treatments by a pest control service with the experience and know-how to keep commercial kitchens pest-free.

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