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Pests We Treat Photo Album: Mice exclusion in Monmouth Junction. Yikes!

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Exclusion is the central element of rodent control!  With mice and other nuisance wildlife infestations, it is critical to find the potential entry points and seal them; otherwise, the infestation will never be permanently resolved. 

This particular home was overrun with mice. As far as rodent infestations go, this house was about as bad as it could get. Homeowners should never, never wait this long before contacting a pest control service. Mouse droppings, which were everywhere, are a serious health hazard once they dry out and the spores enter the air. Breathing them in can cause serious chronic respiratory problems. The level of infestation in this home was not surprising. During the inspection, we found dozens of potential access points. Even those three blind mice from the nursery rhyme would have been able to find their way into this home!   

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