Case Studies

Pests We Treat Case Studies: Exterminators in Mantoloking, NJ

Thursday, June 18th, 2020 by Josh Poppe


We were treating a senior living community in Mantoloking, NJ when we noticed something unusual by one of the newly replaced wooden window frames. We took a closer look and were greeted by several angry carpenter bees! As we examined the wooden frame we noticed a buildup of frass (sawdust) and a trail of yellow fecal stains underneath several drill holes in the window frame.

Carpenter bees bore into wood to create galleries inside the wood to raise their young. Female carpenter bees will do all the drilling and egg-laying while the male carpenter bee will fly outside the nest to protect the female from any potential threats. The males will dive bomb at anything that comes close to their nest to scare them off, but they cannot sting. The female can sting, but only if provoked. Carpenter bees are solitary insects and each drill hole that you see in a wooden structure is a separate colony of carpenter bees.


We cleaned up the area and treated each gallery with a residual dusting application. This product rapidly eliminates any carpenter bees and their eggs inside the gallery. Additionally, any carpenter bees that return to the gallery and come in contact with the product will also be exterminated.