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Pests We Treat Case Studies: Commercial Pest Control in Brick, NJ

Thursday, February 13th, 2020 by Mickey Rochelle


Recently, I went out on a service call for a new commercial account, a senior living facility in Brick, NJ. The owner reported seeing multiple flies throughout the kitchen area. Once I arrived I began inspecting and noticed a particular drain filled with garbage and food. As I took a closer look, I was greeted by several drain flies.

Drain flies, also called sewer or moth flies, are non-biting gnats that can live almost anywhere that water accumulates for a week or more. Their identifying trait is that their wings are covered with scales and they disappear in a cloud of dust when they are crushed. They breed in the organic slime that builds up inside drains.

 As I continued inspecting, I noticed several more drains that were also filled with food and other garbage. I brought these issues up to the manager and told him that proper sanitation is the best way to eliminate the drain flies and prevent them from coming back. I suggested a few different cleaning protocols to implement, to which he agreed and immediately started cleaning the kitchen.


As the manager and his staff started cleaning, I turned my attention to eliminating the drain flies. I grabbed my heavy-duty cleaning brush and scrubbed every single drain throughout the kitchen, dish washing area, and garbage room. Afterward, I treated the drains with a liquid application. This application removes the bad bacteria from the drain, which is the foundation for a drain fly's breeding ground. Once that is removed, so are the drain flies.

Lastly, I applied a bio-foam solution that removes the organic build-up, odors, and scum inside the drains. Now that every single drain has been treated efficiently and a new cleaning protocol has been instituted, drain flies will no longer be a cause of concern for this manager.