Bald-Faced Hornets Nesting Next to the Downspout in Spring Lake, NJ

One warm and sunny afternoon, this customer in Spring Lake, NJ, decided that it was a great day to go out and clean his gutters. However, as he was climbing up his ladder, he was attacked by several angry bald-faced hornets. He quickly got off his ladder and then spotted a soccer ball sized bald-faced hornets nest right next to the downspout, tucked away in the corner of the house. Since he was already a Home Protection Plan customer, he gave our Pest Control Division a call and we were sent out to inspect and treat. 

When it comes to treating anytime type of stinging insects extreme care is needed, especially with bald-faced hornets. They are one of the most territorially and aggressive stinging insects out there and will attack ANYTHING that comes close to their nest. Once we arrived, we equipped our protective bee suit, grabbed our extendable pole, attached a residual dusting application to it, and then injected it into the nest. This application rapidly exterminates the bald-faced hornets.

A short while later, we removed the nest, disposed of it, and then applied a liquid non-repellant residual to the area. This treatment will eliminate any returning bald-faced hornets as well as prevent them, and any other stinging insect, from building another nest. 

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