Children Get Stung by Bald-Faced Hornets While Playing in Princeton Junction, NJ

Recently, we received a frantic call from a new customer in Princeton Junction, NJ. As her children were playing in the yard, they unknowingly disturbed a hornets nest and were stung several times. Fortunately, none of they were allergic or had to be hospitalized. As we arrived and inspected the area were the children were playing, we found a large bald-faced hornets nest in a bush in the backyard. 

Bald-faced hornets are aggressive stinging insects that can actually sense vibrations in the air when something or someone comes within close proximity to their nest. What's worse is that bald-faced hornets have smooth stingers, which means they sting over and over again. Using our extendable pole, we injected a knockdown aerosol application into the opening of the nest. After several moments, we then treated the nest with a knockdown liquid application. Both of these products will rapidly exterminate the bald-faced hornets. Once they were eliminated, we removed the nest and properly disposed of it. 

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