Wildlife Removal - Raccoon Situation in Bridgewater, NJ

Yesterday, I received a call from a homeowner in Bridgewater, NJ who was complaining that she was hearing noises in her attic at night. What makes this situation stand out from the rest, is that the homeowner just so happened to see a raccoon on top of her roof while she was coming home from work at night! Crazy, huh?!

So, needless to say, the homeowner was a little frantic telling me this. I reassured her that I will handle the situation professionally and humanely. This job is a perfect example of how well raccoons can climb. You can see from the smear print how far up the raccoon climbed without the assistance of any nearby trees or branches. Raccoons have thumbs, which enable them to climb extremely well, however, they aren’t very discreet — hence the number of smear prints all over the pillar. 

Since we had a little bit of snow in Bridgewater yesterday, before I set-up a one-way device and placement traps, I needed to clean off a portion of the roof — not just for my safety, but for the raccoons as well and to make sure the traps are secured and don’t slip off the roof.

Once the one-way was set up, I secured the entry point nice and tight with hardwire cloth. This makes it easier for the raccoon to enter the one-way safely and leaves no room for the raccoon to slip by. I then set up two placement traps near the entry point.

Soon, I will be getting a call from the homeowner that the raccoon is humanely trapped and we will return to humanely remove the critter.